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Chiodo 1, 2, 3


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Chiodo 1, 2, 3 is a collection of objects to be attached to the wall. They work as coat hooks, storage for objects and as mirrors, being ideal for furnishing entrances, studios, waiting rooms and bathrooms. This set is comprised of four Chiodo 1, a Chiodo 2, and a Chiodo 3. Upon request, they can be purchased individually and with different finishes.


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The Chiodo series is a broad collection which comes from the idea of a "chiodofisso" (literally, a fixed nail; figuratively an obsession): all items have the same 'chiodo' (nail) shape but are different in sizes and function, be they a coat hook, mirror, stool, coffee table or table.

Chiodo 1, 2 and 3 are the smallest in the series and are devised to hang on the wall.

Chiodo 1, the smallest of all, acts as a coat hook.

Chiodo 2, being slightly larger in size, serves as a mirror thanks to the super mirror "head".

Chiodo 3, being more capacious than Chiodo 2 is also a container, in addition to being a mirror. In fact, upon open it, you find that internally it has a base in walnut wood in which to place and store small objects. 

Perfect for decorating entrances if you do not want to use a wardrobe, to adorn or render functional an unused corner where there would be no room for other furniture, to keep a room tidy, or for an elegant and original bathroom.

The set in question (see image) is composed of six pieces: four of the Chiodo 1, a Chiodo 2 with super-mirror chrome steel head, and a 24-carat colour Chiodo 3 with super mirror finish. 

Each Chiodo can be sold individually upon request. You can choose the finish of the Chiodo 2 and Chiodo 3 heads (super mirror chrome steel or 24-carat gold). For any information and personalisation, please contact us:

Recommended in combination with Chiodo 4, Chiodo 5, Chiodo 6 and Chiodo 7.

Chiodo 1, Chiodo 2 and Chiodo 3 are made in iron, being welded by hand and spray painted.

The head of Chiodo 2 is a galvanised super-mirror steel sheeting, in chrome colour. T

he head of Chiodo 3 is in galvanised steel sheeting with super-mirror finish, in 24-carat gold colour.

Super mirror steel has a high corrosion resistance and is reflective like a mirror.

The spray painting is comprised of acrylic enamel with two components of high opacity. It is applied by hand and dried at low temperatures. The paint type is that of bodywork, with unique aesthetic and tactile features.
From an aesthetic point of view, the paint has deep opacity and almost completely absorbs the light accentuating the perfection of the shapes. To the touch, it is extremely smooth and gives an almost textile feel. Touching the object, it almost seems as if you are touching a fabric beneath your fingers.

Care instructions: clean with gentle products.

Chiodo 1
Ø 10 cm
Ø 6 cm
5 cm

0.8 kg

Chiodo 2
Ø 20 cm
Ø 12 cm
10 cm

1.3 kg

Chiodo 3

Ø 30 cm
Ø 18 cm
15 cm

2 kg

All objects can be customised in terms of size, finish and colour.

What's more, Chiodo 1, 2, and 3 can also be sold individually. 

Both Chiodo 2 and Chiodo 3 are available in two finishes:
. galvanised steel super mirror finish in chrome colour 
. galvanised steel sheeting 24-carat gold super mirror finishFor any inquiries, please contact me directly on: +39 328 3055485 or via

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